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Hi!! Welcome to SSB Engineer career Guide, I want to share one open secret as you all know what’s happening presently in current Engineering education, there is Big Gap is developing between Practical world and theoretical concepts.                                Because of this GAP, Students getting suffered once they came out of the college they don’t know where to apply their skills and knowledge and which career path need to Select.

For example: Consider a Guy or Girl will complete Engineering in E&C Branch but after coming out of college they rushed to any kind of job, they do some software programming course, or testing course, CCNA course, if this is the case then why they did Engineering, instead of that directly after +2 (PUC) they would have done some software course and get employed in any of the job.

I can say may be inBangaloresome of the industries are visiting the colleges and providing seminars but for the colleges outsideBangalorestudents missing this opportunity.

Here is the Solution:

Approach SSB Engineers Careers Guide.

We have all domain Experts having rich experience in all engineering fields. SSB will provide you the 1 day Program for batch of 40 students, which includes Following topics. For details please contact on phone as given below.

  •  1-      Bridge the gap between Theory and practice
  • 2-      Industry needed skills required to engineers
  • 3-      Telecom evolution-2G, 3G, 4G.(As per chosen branch)
  • 4-      Spectrum Evolution.(As per chosen branch)
  • 5-      Q&A, Ask yourself,
  • 6-      Experiences of interviews, How to face.


By bridging the gap between theoretical & practical studies during graduation. Over that bridge I want you people get familiar or get well known to that path of bridge So that once you come out of the college your confidence level get increased And you will be successful in the future challenges .

All the best!!!

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